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أحمد حزوري 08-25-2016 12:56 AM

Emmc = LG Firmware TOT / DZ Extract into eMMC Pro XML
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TOT / KDZ - Extractor

Making your OWN Dumps out of LG TOT / KDZ Files

There is alot of new models demand but we have limited resources .
We will try to get all the phones in our hand / test and make solutions for eMMC Pro users as we have been doing for ORT Pro Edition .

Meantime for LG Phones if
  • there is a model not supported .
  • You do not have the model in your hand to read good dump .
  • You want New Version firmware for some reasons .

Extract KDZ / TOT

There is a tool Windows LG Firmware Extract WindowsLGFirmwareExtract
Where you can extract your original LG Firmware files into seperated partitions .



GPT information [ General Partition Table ]

You can find the PrimaryGPT_0.bin extracted in the folder .
You can add this file into eMMC Pro and you can see the partition list in order and files in order .


And you can create your own XML Repair pack since you have all the files and informations you have in your hand.

Here is the sample XML format for the eMMC Pro .


Download the extractor here

Best Regards

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