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أحمد حزوري 07-31-2015 10:35 AM

OSS-Client v4.8B
OSS-Client v4.8B


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OSS-Client 4.8B Released - SAMSUNG CODE READER!!! - Not Temp File - Not Root!
Supported Features:
  • Read unlock codes from phone - Non Temp File
  • Non Need Diag port - "just Need SAMSUNG Modem port"

This solution - Is Real, going to work in the last mobiles devices Samsung brand, with Spreadtrum processors !!
No need to read "Special File" & copy into our computer ....
you only need to connect your phone, select the port Modem & Read Code

Supported And tested Devices With Android 4.4.4,

  • Galaxy Core PRIME - Supported
  • Galaxy J1 -J100M/H - Supported
  • Galaxy ACE4 - Supported
  • Galaxy Grand Neo - Supported
ANother Devices - Supported

TEST report & Video Real
Exclusive Features Area - "VIDEO Section"
OSS CLIENT Models Suppported And Features : Updated

OSS Client | One software, many possibilities


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