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فورمات واعادة ضبط مصنع = Motorola Droid 1

فورمات واعادة ضبط مصنع = Motorola Droid 1

Hardware hard reset method

Turn the Droid off. If it won’t turn off, take the battery out then place it back in.
Open the keyboard and press the X key while pressing and holding Power. The device will power on. Keep holding the buttons downuntil a yellow triangle appears on the screen.
Press the Camera and Volume Up buttons at the same time to get to the menu. (I had to press them several times to get it to work).
Use the direction pad to the right of the keyboard to select the Format option.

Software hard reset method

Open the Settings app from Home > Menu or tap the application slider and select the Settings icon.
Select Privacy.
Choose Factory data reset.
Select Reset phone.
The hard reset process will take a few minutes. When it’s complete, you can reboot the Droid and it will be reset to factory default settings, just like it was when you pulled it out of the box. The device is ready to be used again, sold to another user, or placed in storage. Data on the SD card like photos and music will still be present. Be sure to pull the SD card out of the device or format it if you don’t want it to get into the wrong hands.

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