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How to Root Sony Xperia S Lt26i in One Click with Kingo Android Root
How to Root Sony Xperia S Lt26i in One Click with Kingo Android Root

<table border="1" dir="ltr" cellspacing="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" bordercolor="#FF0000"> <tbody><tr> <td dir="ltr"> The line products of Sony Xperia have a significantly wide crowd of users. Kingo Android Root, therefore, offers them an easiest and fastest way to root their Xperia.
  • Free download Kingo Android Root and install it on your computer.
  • Make sure your device is powered ON.
  • At least 50% battery level
  • USB Cable (the original one recommended)
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device.
  • In case anything happens, please do make a full backup of your device.
Then, how to use Kingo Android Root to root your Xperia S?

Step 1: Download Kingo Android Root (Windows version) and install it on your PC.
Step 2: Once the installation is finished, run the application. Follow the instructions on the interface to connect your device to computer with USB cable. At the same time, enable USB Debugging on your device. There would be detailed instructions offered by the software.
Step 3: Kingo Android Root will install the device driver automatically after a fine connection. It will take some time. Once the drivers are installed, Kingo Android Root will establish a connection with your device and there will be an info page with your device model and root status.


Step 4: Along with those info, there will be three short notifications on android rooting. Please make sure that you read them carefully before proceed. After that, you may click "ROOT" button to start rooting.

Step 5: During the process, do not touch, unplug your device. If nothing else, Kingo Android Root will show you a screen with
"Root Succeeded". Click "FINISH" and wait for reboot.


Step 6: After your phone reboots itself, Kingo Android Root will again establish connection with it. Keep an eye on your device screen in case you need manually grant Superuser request.
Step 7: Finally, you will see your root status as YES and find out that there are two more buttons on the interface, "Remove Root" and "Root Again".
Hope you enjoy it!

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