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رضوان ابراهيم 10-15-2015 01:28 AM

Smart-Clip2 v1.13.00

Smart-Clip2 v1.13.00

Is it a flip phone or a candy bar phone? Does it support two SIM cards, or just one?
Is it a senior-friendly phone or just a popularly priced cellular handset
No matter what appearance your Alcatel phone has, now we have full pack of flash files for it!
Moreover, this FREE UPDATE is available for all Smart-Clip2 users!

1. We have significantly improved SPI-flashing for Alcatel MTK phones

1. We introduce new generation of flash files for phones on
MTK MT6251 / MT625A / MT6260 processors:

♦ OT-1009 OT-1010 OT-1011 OT-1012
♦ OT-1030 OT-1035
♦ OT-1040 OT-1041 OT-1042 OT-1045 OT-1046
♦ OT-112 OT-117 OT-132
♦ OT-2000 OT-2001 OT-2004 OT-2005 OT-2007 OT-2010 OT-2012
♦ OT-217 OT-217D
♦ OT-228 OT-228D OT-232 OT-233
♦ OT-262 OT-292 OT-296 OT-297
♦ OT-3000 OT-3001 OT-3003 OT-3020 OT-3035
♦ OT-3040 OT-3041 OT-3142
♦ OT-F101 OT-I21 OT-I31 OT-J10 OT-T268

With this update you get the following benefits:
♦ all existing firmware versions for 44 popular devices (1600+ files)
♦ all available language packs
♦ we have marked language packs in each flash file for the convenience of our users
♦ various provider customizations
♦ firmware upgrade and downgrade
You’ll find instructions on how to perform flashing procedure here

3. MTK Calculator update:
More than 3000 new PIDs added for the specified above MTK phones.

4. Flash File Area Update:
10 GB of flash files for Alcatel phones have been uploaded to flash file area at boot-loader.com

Update your Box/Dongle to use the latest version of the software!

Smart-Clip2 v1.13.00

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