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أحمد حزوري 01-31-2016 01:23 PM

GC Pro key GSM TOOL v1.0.0.0026
GC Pro key GSM TOOL v1.0.0.0026

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GcProKey UPDATE32 released 31-01-16

GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0026 released.

  • What's New?
    • Added MTK Android Direct sim unlocked:
      • counter blocked and others which do not use code in security
        • (Same as before mtk tab press unlock,adb + root need)
          • beta

    • Added LG Remove Support:
      • LG LS770 AND LG665 FRP Remove

    • Improved:
      • Virus remove
      • Virus remove update method
      • imeicert write USB for samsung sn
      • LG Qualcomm Imei repair
      • HTC Sprint Unlock
        • android os 5.1
          • base m9
        • Older device fail on last update
        • Old version was working
      • LG FRP Remove
        • incorrect backup restore
        • more detail included in unsupported model report creating

    • Updated:
      • Helpfiles update
      • GUI update

  • Do you feel it ?
  • Feel The Difference With GCPro.

</td> </tr></tbody></table>

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