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AF TOOL MTK , Qualcomm, upgrading tool Magic Tool

AF TOOL MTK , Qualcomm, upgrading tool Magic Tool


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1 Introduction
MTK platform、Qualcomm platform have been integrated in this upgrading tool AT instruction tool as well, and add functions like self-upgrading、checking the latest version of the software and backup copy mode. This tool is aiming at providing an easy、safety and convenient operation for after-sales service to carry out independently.
1.1 Operation Progress

Insert one side of the USB cable into computer, phone should be power off, click the“ download” button on the tools, and then press and hold volume+(-)(refer to Summary of Methods for Smart Phone Enter Upgrade), then insert the other side of the USB cable to your phone, when the tools shows detected the deport, then release the volume key and phone will enter the upgrading status.
——Operation sequence should be correct, otherwise phone can be detected and can enter upgrading mode successfully.
1)During upgrading progress, when the red processing bar 100% completed, installing wizard will appear, no need to chose manually,just click “next”until installing completed.
2)Please make sure files are ready for all items, if some item has no file selected, click the empty area and chose the correct file, take the red circle in below picture as an example.(generally this won`t happen due to it has been checked automatically)

3)If need to chose APP, please chose apps.img(directly chose apps file if the extension file name has been hidden); if need to chose FAT, please chose fat.img.

4)After upgrading successfully, OK will appear on computer screen.
2 Tools Informatin
2.1 After-Sale Upgrading Tools
2.1.1 Function Description:
MTK platform、Qualcomm platform and AT instruction tool have been integrated in this upgrading tool
The most top left corner show the information of the tools.
There four items of assistant tools which are: File、Options、Window、Help. These items can be used to set the related parameter.
4)Click the file select button to select the related file, click download to start upgrading.
5)In the menu of Help we have:Open Logs Folder、Open helper manual、Open AT support list.
About upgrading of this tools:
If new version has been produced for the tools, when you open this tools, it will automatically start upgrading.

2.1.2 MTK phone Click AFTool_BBK to run the tools,when the main program open,shows the MTK phone upgrade interface due to it is defaulted. See below picture. You can set the tools in the menu options, usually use the defaulted setting.
1) Appearance:Window XP、 Window Vista、Plastique、Motif、Classic.
2) Language: English、简体中文、繁体中文。;
3) Log file can be set to print or not(to truck the log information),or change the technical parameters of linking & download.
4) This will change with the latest version,it`s not mandatory requirement. Select DA file(it is defaulted and loaded automatically, not need to select, if has been changed by somebody, you need to select the correct one back):Click“Download Agent” button, select“MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin”,and then click“打开”button, please refer to below picture: Choose the "scatter" file: Click the "scatter-loading" button, open the package of the software to be upgraded, choose the corresponding "scatter" file (such as MT6582_Android_scatter.txt), and then click the " 打开" button . Please refer to below picture: Following the operation is as below, Firmware upgrade is usually chosen for the Operation Mode: Click“Download” button,waiting for the completion of process. There 4 options for Operation Mode: Firmware Upgrade、Download Only、Recovery、download without USRDATA,FAT

Process of backup for user data:
1)For phones can boot,use vivo assistant to backup user data,and then follow the normal upgrading process.
2)For phones can not boot, but can enter recovery mode, press and hold the volume+ key, then chose backup userdata,after backup has been done,use the firmware upgrade mode to upgrade,do not select fat partition, after upgrading completed, enter recovery mode again, and restore user data.
3)For phones can not enter recovery mode, select Recovery in Operation Mode, and then process as 2) mentioned above .

2.1.3 Qualcomm phone Click“Qualcomm phone“ Click “Select” button,select the corresponding xml file. Chose the right phone model,in the drop-down list, besides pd1225、pd1115、pd1007, the rest models should chose“Other phones”; When upgrade PD1225、PD1115、PD1007,chose the software package in related file folder;for other phones,chose partition_flash_list.xml file in the software package. Click“Download”, waiting for the completion of download. Supporting re-upgrade after interruption or suspension during upgrading process.
2.1.4 AT Tool Click“AT Tool“ to enter AT Tool mode A specific file is defaulted to load automatically,you can select related AT order description file if needed.
AT order file is encrypted bin file. Below table list all the AT orders and executable operations and parameters need to input.etc.
Character of Parameter: IMEI is 16* 16 hexadecimal numbers;others are English alphabets + numerals +,length<=10。
When the characters entered is not qualified,will notice“he parameter format you entered is incorrect” Click to action those orders which do not need enter parameters, for those need enter parameters, double click and enter parameters and then action AT order.
Order action result need to display, orders needed enter parameters, without characters entered when click action, notice will appear to remind enter the parameters.
Phone should turn on the“调试端口”in“工程模式“ before use the AT tool(press *#558# in dialing interface and enter”品质验证测试“) Click“IMEI 2 from IMEI 1“ button,IMEI 2 will be generated from IMEI 1.

3 Matters Needed Attention
3.1 Important Notice
Backup user`s phone book and SMS before upgrading, Methods: take advantage of vivo assistant to backup or enter the TF upgrading ( recovery mode) to backup(refer to related operations mentioned above)

3.2 Methods for dealing with interruption during upgrading
If interruption happens during upgrading, for phones which can remove battery : remove the battery to cut off power and install battery to try upgrading again.
For phones with integrated battery: push out the USB cable first, and then set the tools and click ”Download”, connect USB cable again, press and hold power key for more than 15s, if not work then press and hold power key and volume- together more than 15s(repeatable). There may be phone which still do work, then disassemble the phone and cut off the power and re-flash, please feedback to the developer(QQ:2273297636) when meeting this.
When interruption happens,and also the computer can not find the new combo when insert USB cable again, please try to press and hold volume+/- key and connect USB cable again.

3.3 Dealing with the common issues
If no action happens when connecting the phone, please check “ 3, Install driver for upgrade tools” , and check if the computer has installed third-party phone assistant such as :360 mobile phone assistant, these be lead to the combo be occupied by this software, please uninstall it and re-flash again.
During upgrading,when meeting some problems,the tools may pop up some notice box, when this appears, you can take screenshot follow the notice and save the log, you can also dealing as below( just for reference):(please do check the error notice box,,read and judge cautiously)
1、After connect the phone,it enters the charging mode or without action,pop out notice as:S_BROM_CMD_STARTCMD_FAIL、S_BROM_CMD_STARTCM D_TIMEOUT.etc. This is mainly caused by not get the combo port, retry to connection(refer to Instruction of Summary for Smart Phones Enter Upgrading Methods).
(If this appears many time,try to change the USB cable or combo port,and check if the USB connection jack of the phone is function good)
2、When connect the phone and the red processing bar completed, then pop out the error S_CHIP_TYPE_NOT_MATCH、S_UNKNOWN_TARGET_BBCHIP、 S_BROM_BBCHIP_HW_VER_INCORRECT,this is usually caused by the file selected mismatch with the phone, or the tools do not support re-flash this phone. Please upgrade the tools` version to the latest and select the correct file which matches the phone.
3、During re-flash when meeting error of S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL、S_FT_DOWNLOAD_FAIL,the reason is complex(select the incorrect software、low power supply、hardware damage、and connection error, etc.),but most can be fixed. Please refer to below steps:

General principal for dealing with these issues:
(1)Make sure the tools is the latest version;
(2)Check if the selected file match the phone;
After above two steps have been confirmed, then reboot the tools to re-flash again.
If issues occur again, then continue below steps:
(3)If re-flash with battery installed, you can selected “ with battery”in “Connection” under “options” ;
(4)Check USB cable and USB jack if broken;
(5)Charge for a while and then try to re-flash again.
If issues still happen after operate as above, then the hardware may be broken or even the main board is cold soldering,then need to check the hardware of the phone, please remember take screenshot and save log for further analysis.

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