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أحمد حزوري 04-24-2016 04:45 AM

آيفون مشاكل في الإقلاع iPhone 5 Boot Error
iPhone 5 Boot Error

<table border="1" dir="ltr" cellspacing="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" bordercolor="#FF0000"><tbody><tr><td dir="ltr" align="center"> If you have an iPhone 5 that is failing to boot with the first line reading, “[NAND ] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :601 physical nand block offset 1” the issue can stem from several different problems. Listed in order of most to least common:
1) Damaged front facing camera or Proximity Senor
2) Damaged FF camera flex cable or connector partially seated
3) Damaged or failed Compass/Accelerometer IC.
The first two are easy to test for; simply unplug the FF camera flex cable from the board and reboot. If it boots successfully, turn the device off, plug it back in carefully and reboot. If it fails once again, than the FF camera/ proximity sensor assembly is almost certainly damaged and should be replaced.
If the device still fails to boot after removing or replacing the FF Camera/Proximity Assembly, the next culprit may be the Compass/Accelerometer IC. This chip is located directly to the right of the FF camera/Proximity sensor FPC on a small protrusion of the logic board. A device was recently brought to us with a badly smashed screen and it was failing to boot with the above error. Examining the IC under a microscope revealed it was the culprit, and after removing the chip the device immediately was able to boot (though the compass and screen rotate functions are disabled). We have ordered up a handful of replacement chips (IC 8963, U16) and this iPhone will soon be back on its feet.


Logic board ready for a new IC.


Top of chip, damage visible in lower right hand corner.


Damage more pronounced on bottom of chip.



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