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رضوان ابراهيم 06-26-2015 01:22 AM

ِAdvance Box Turbo Flasher v.12.34

Advance Box Turbo Flasher v.12.34

Release Date: June 25, 2015
Firmware Version Required : 11.0.10 or 11.0.12
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

Nokia/Microsoft Lumia Updates

1. Boot Repair via USB for WP 8.0/8.1 Phones now Supports QUALCOMM DRIVERS.
---> You don't have to install "Nokia Emergency Driver" if Qualcomm Drivers are already Installed.
2. Lumia 735 RM-1041 Added for Boot Repair via USB.
3. Lumia 735 RM-1041 Added to Nokia.ini
4. Added Lumia 640 XL Repair Boot via eMMC Connection

Lumia 640 XL RM-1062 [02175.00002.15172.06006] [BIG BOOT] <-- eMMC Tool Exclusive!!!
Lumia 640 XL RM-1063 [02166.00000.15103.45007] [BIG BOOT] <-- eMMC Tool Exclusive!!!
Lumia 640 XL RM-1066 [02177.00000.15184.36002] [BIG BOOT] <-- eMMC Tool Exclusive!!!
Lumia 640 XL DS RM-1067 [02166.00000.15103.05001] [BIG BOOT] <-- eMMC Tool Exclusive!!!

:More Info Here
<<<<<< All Lumia/Android Dead Boot Repair Files -[Added Lumia 640 XL ] >>>>>>

ATF Plus eMMC Tool 4.6 (PRO)
--> Added Auto Votlage Selection Switch during Samsung eMMC Firmware Update
-----> eg. Auto-Select 3.30v VccIO for KMV3W000LM-B310 eMMC (SM-G900H)
--> Added Samsung eMMC Write Protection Neuter
-----> Disables eMMC Write Protection Capabilities after eMMC Firmware Update
-----> This will prevent future eMMC WP Related Problems expecially on Lumia WP 8.0/8.1 Phones
--> Fixed Voltage for "Direct ATF BIG Box Connection (3.25V on PIN 2)"
--> Added 36 NEW EMMC FIRMWARES for eMMC Repair '000000' + Firmware Update

* Super Special Thanks to Babak Nuri for Contributing more than 60% of the new eMMC Firmwares!
* Special Thanks to Edocomsel and SmartGSM for Contributing eMMC Firmwares for ATF Team

KLM8G2FB3B-D001 : M8G2FB
KLM8G2FE3B-B001 : M8G2FB - First In The World
KLMAG2GE2A-A001 : MAG2GA - First In The World
KLMAG2GEAC-B001 : MAG2GC - First In The World
KLMAG2GEAC-B002 : MAG2GC - First In The World
KLMAG2WE4A-A002 : MAG2WA - First In The World
KLMAG2WEMB-B031 : AWMB3R - First In The World
KLMAG4FE4B-B002 : MAG4FB - First In The World
KLMAG4FEAB-B002 : AFEABB - First In The World - (GT-i9505)
KLMBG4GE4A-A001 : MBG4GA - First In The World
KLMBG4GEAC-B001 : MBG4GC - First In The World
KLMCG8GE4A-A001 : MCG8GA - First In The World
KMJ5U000WA-B409 : J5U00A
KMJ5U000WM-B409 : J5U00M - First In The World
KMJJS000WA-B409 : JJS00A
KMJJS000WM-B409 : JJS00M
KMK2U000VM-B604 : K2U00M - First In The World
KMK3U000VM-B410 : K3U00M - First In The World
KMK5U000VM-B309 : K5U00M - First In The World
KMK5W000VM-B312 : N5WZMB - First In The World
KMK5X000VM-B314 : K5XVMB - First In The World
KMK5X000YM-B314 : K5XYMB - First In The World
KMK7U000VM-B309 : K7U00M
KMK7X000VM-B314 : K7XVMB - First In The World
KMKTS000VM-B604 : KTS00M - First In The World - (SHV-E160S)
KMKUS000VM-B410 : KUS00M - First In The World
KMN5U000ZM-B203 : N5U00M
KMN5W000ZM-B207 : N5WZMB - First In The World
KMN9W000RM-B203 : N9WRMB - First In The World
KMS5U000KM-B308 : S5U00M - First In The World
KMSJS000KA-B308 : SJS00A
KMV2W000LM-B506 : V2W00M - First In The World
KMV3U000LM-B304 : V3U00M
KMVIS000LM-B503 : VIS00M - First In The World
KMVUS000LM-B304 : VUS00M - First In The World
KMVWU000LM-B900 : VWU00M - First In The World

* Most eMMCs Firmwares on this update are a result of commulative USER Requests on this thread:

Keep Requesting for more eMMC Part Numbers on that thread and we will keep Supporting them!

--> Added "EXPERT" Mode when you make "expert.txt" file inside same folder as AdvanceBox.exe
----> Expert Mode will bypass eMMC Part Number Security Question
----> Expert Mode will reveal "Samsung eMMC Firmware Update Only" Option
----> Expert Mode will increase your IQ by 3 points will make you really Smarter!

SDC Tool 1.7 (Unbrick Samsung Phone via SD Card)
--> Added 4 new PIT Files for New SOCs

* Now you can create your own SDC files for Samsung Phones Based on the 4 added SOCs.

In case you are wondering if ATF Team is Still Uploading new SDC Files for Unbrick via SD Card, take
a look at the new SDC Files we have uploaded during the past 20 Days...

SM-E7000 (GALAXY E7) E7000ZCU1AOE2_4.4.4_8GB
SM-E7009 (GALAXY E7) E7009KEU1AOE3_4.4.4_8GB
SM-E700F (GALAXY E7) E700FXXU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-E700H (GALAXY E7) E700HXXU1AOE3_4.4.4_8GB
SM-E700M (GALAXY E7) E700MUBU1AOC2_4.4.4_8GB

SM-E500H (GALAXY E5) E500HXXU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-E500YZ (GALAXY E5) E500YZZTU1AOD1_4.4.4_8GB

SM-A7000 (GALAXY A7) A7000ZCU1AOC3_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A7009 (GALAXY A7) A7009KEU1AOD3_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A700F (GALAXY A7) A700FXXU2AOB2_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A700FD (GALAXY A7) A700FDXXU1AOD7_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A700H (GALAXY A7) A700HXXU1AOD2_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A700K (GALAXY A7) A700KKTU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A700L (GALAXY A7) A700LKLU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A700S (GALAXY A7) A700SKSU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A700YD (GALAXY A7) A700YDZTU1AOC3_4.4.4_8GB

SM-A5000 (GALAXY A5) A5000ZCU1AOC2_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A5009 (GALAXY A5) A5009KEU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500F (GALAXY A5) A500FXXU1AOC2_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500F1 (GALAXY A5) A500F1U1AOC1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500G (GALAXY A5) A500GXXU1AOB2_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500H (GALAXY A5) A500HXXU1AOC1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500K (GALAXY A5) A500KKTU1AOD1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500L (GALAXY A5) A500LKLU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500M (GALAXY A5) A500MUBU1AOC1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A500S (GALAXY A5) A500SKSU1AOD1_4.4.4_8GB

SM-A3000 (GALAXY A3) A3000ZCU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A3009 (GALAXY A3) A3009KEU1AOE1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A300F (GALAXY A3) A300FXXU1BOD9_5.0.2_8GB
SM-A300FU (GALAXY A3) A300FUXXU1AOC1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A300G (GALAXY A3) A300GDXU1AOC2_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A300H (GALAXY A3) A300HXXU1AOC1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A300M (GALAXY A3) A300MUBU1AOC1_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A300Y (GALAXY A3) A300YDVU1AOA7_4.4.4_8GB
SM-A300YZ (GALAXY A3) A300YZUJU1AOC1_4.4.4_8GB

SM-N900W8 (GALAXY Note 3) N900W8VLUCNB7 4.4.2
N900W8VLU2DOD1 5.0
SM-N900V (GALAXY Note 3) N900VVRUEOB6 5.0
N900VVRUDNK 4.4.4
SM-G900FD G900FDXXU1BOD1 5.0

You can download the SDC files OFFICIALLY from here:
ATF Offcial Support Area > Samsung SDC Files

ATF JTAG v1.0.15 build 8544

Change Log
--> Fixed Lumia 610, 610C, 510, and 505 WP7 Unlock via Read Codes
--> Added Manual Halt Delay at "Settings --> Halt delay"
--> Adjusted Various Timing Issues on Qualcomm CPU eMMC Read/Write

ِATF Full Installer

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