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فورمات واعادة ضبط مصنع = Galaxy Gear (SM-V700)
How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Gear (SM-V700)


Galaxy Gear (SM-V700) Hard Reset

1.Power on the Galaxy Gear
2.Press and Hold Power on key
3.Release Power on key once the Galaxy Gear shut off ( approximately 8 sec. )
4.Gear will power on automatically and shows "rebooting"
5.Once "Rebooting" appear press Power on key 3 times
6.Gear will shut off and power on itself and then "reboot mode" will appear
7.Reboot mode has 3 options "Continue", "Download" and "Recovery"
8.Press Power on to move and highlights "recovery"
9.To select just Press and hold Power on key in 5 sec
10.Gear will reboot and android logo will appear
11.Wait to finish the formatting and the gear will reboot again
12.Wait to finish boot up and Done!!!

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