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MRT Dongle v1.23 For XiaoMi Acc Remove and Letv
MRT Dongle v1.23 For XiaoMi Acc Remove and Letv

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What's News:

The New Update Support XiaoMi HongMi New modle Unlock Account(Frp)<beta>

Support XiaoMi 4S Unlock Bootloader
Support XiaoMi 4C Unlock Bootloader

Support XiaoMi 4S Unlock Account(Frp)
Support XiaoMi 4C Unlock Account(Frp)
Support XiaoMi 5 Unlock Account(Frp)
Support XiaoMi MAX Unlock Account(Frp)
Support XiaoMi Note Unlock Account(Frp)
Support HongMi 3 Unlock Account(Frp)
Support HongMi 3s Unlock Account(Frp)
Support HongMi Note3 Unlock Account(Frp)
Support HongMi Pro Unlock Account(Frp)
Tip:this update is for all the XiaoMi and HongMi with BL lock Phone;the old modle aleady support long time ago;
with this,you must be unlock in the 9008 devices
windows version must be > win7(if win xp can not do that)

The New Update Full Support Letv(LeEco) X620 Mobile Phone
Tip:This Phone has Bootload Lock(when you boot it Must be Hold VOL UP)
Format Support Account(Frp) Unlock!!!

The New Update adjust Meizu Unlock<Just for MeiLan E\MX6\MeiLan Max>
New algorithm for last meizu Phones

Click here Download Mrt Ver 1.23 update

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